10 snacks on the go - gluten-free to go

10 snacks on the go - gluten-free to go

Gluten-free on the way

Gluten-free on the way - well looked after in every situation. Whether celiac disease, a gluten intolerance or a conscious decision to change your diet - with Nogllas 10 Snack Ideas you master your gluten-free life perfectly!

Gluten-Free Nutrition

One of the biggest challenges in gluten-free diet is the necessary planning.
Is there any gluten-free options in the restaurant where I eat with friends?
Do I have to take snacks on the hike or can I have something to eat at the hut? When visiting the fair, there are certainly gluten-free snacks, or?

The restriction of spontaneity, in my view, the biggest disadvantage of the diet, just the gluten-free. If you become "hungry" as fast as I do, if the hunger gets worse, you better inform yourself beforehand if there is something to eat or not. But time has taught me to trust is good, to be prepared is better. So from now on always something to crack with it, when the small hunger comes.
But that is not so easy! First you have to find gluten-free snacks that are not super unhealthy and fill you up for a long time. But there are some gluten-free snacks I always like to use to master my gluten-free day.
Here are our 10 snacks for under-gluten-free to go:

Gluten-free snacks - gluten-free to go

1. Fruit
Fruit is far ahead and is obviously a healthy, natural gluten-free snack. Banana saturates well, apples last a long time, are rich in fiber and berries are not only super delicious, but have virtually no calories - the agony of choice!

2. gluten-free muffin
Gluten-free muffins fit in any purse, are popular with small and tall and also easy to snorkel on the go. Especially delicious are NOgllas gluten-free as they are particularly juicy.

3. Chia crackers and bread chips
Snacks do not always have to be sweet, and even gluten-free snacks may be hearty. We recommend Chia crackers or bread chips as a healthy and high-fiber power snack.
If there should be some gluten-free bread left, do not throw it away, but cut into thin slices, brush with a herbal oil mixture and then dry in the oven and your glutunfrei Powersnack is done. Also like to refine with cheese for the hearty hunger in between.

4. Cookies
Big or small with chocolate or without. Cookies are easy to include in any snack box for emergencies. and do not forget chocolate makes you happy.

5. Nuts
Nuts not only contain very healthy fats, but are also ideal as a snack in between. My favorites are almonds or walnuts, but also student food comes in the bag every now and then.

6. Gluten-free granola bars
Gluten-free cereal bars are available both from manufacturers specializing in gluten-free diets, but some supermarket products are also gluten-free. Whether fruit slices or muesli bars, the selection is huge. However, if you want to reduce your sugar intake, I recommend you to refrain from these goodies.

7. Gluten-free pastry
A piece of pastry always goes in between and at least makes me as a snack always extremely happy, you can yourself become a hobby baker or order directly in our gluten-free Genussmanufaktur and we'll do it for you.

8. Rice pudding
But please homemade! Industrial rice pudding is totally oversaturated, so I find homemade rice pudding much tastier and you can prepare it great. Whether with cinnamon and sugar, Plaumenmuß or berry sauce - a little dream.

9. Vegetable sticks with dip
Now you might be thinking "why with dip?". Because I find vegetable sticks without dip just a bit boring, which does not mean that it is not an option. Depending on your taste, choose vegetables, wrap your herbal dip or hummus, the healthy snack is ready.

10. Saturating drinks
This point is a bit out of line, because it is not something you prepare and take, but buys on the go, but still. Almost everywhere you get gluten-free drinks, which I would call satisfying. Either there are smoothies, or coffee drinks with milk or maybe a large cocoa? Definitely a good option for hunger in between.

With our snacks in the luggage you are well prepared for the next trip.

But your favorite snack is missing here? Write a comment, we look forward to tips.

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