Quinoa the gluten-free superfood now from Bavaria

Quinoa the gluten-free superfood now from Bavaria

Where does our Superfood Quinoa come from?
Since we at NOglla - your gluten-free manufacturer of pleasure - regionality and sustainability, are very important, we also source our gluten-free alternative flour from Germany. In the article you will learn WHAT and WHO exactly is behind it ...

Quinoa the gluten-free superfood from Peru!
Rich in vital and fiber and wonderfully nutty in taste, it is a real asset to the gluten and wheat-free baking world. For a long time, however, we decided against NOglla's tasty grain. We do not want to dispute the Peruvians' staple food.

We are all the more pleased that we have found Andreas Andreas Knab from the Obsthof Knab from Bavaria as a regional producer.

The sympathetic farmers have been successfully building the gluten-free pseudo-grain since 2017. The superfood enjoys great popularity and scores with 1a nutritional values. It is high in protein and contains all nine essential amino acids, which is extremely unusual for plant foods. In addition, the pseudo-grain is gluten-free.

The goal of the two is to produce a sustainable and regionally grown product, which does not have to be transported halfway around the world, even if it grows here. Therefore, a responsible cultivation in harmony with nature comes first for you.

They pay close attention to their soil, cultivate catch crops and follow a healthy crop rotation to naturally strengthen the soil. To this end, the fields are exchanged with friendly farmers in order to change the crop rotation.

Partnership between NOglla and Obsthof Knab
We think that's great and that's why we've decided to partner with the two, and we're happy to spend a little more if, in addition to a top product, we can live up to our social and environmental responsibility.

If you want to bake yourself with quinoa, you can order the gluten-free flours and flours directly in the online shop or directly at www.obsthof-knab.de.

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