gluten-free dish for asparagus time

gluten-free dish for asparagus time

It's asparagus time - a genius in the kitchen with a detoxifying effect. The noble vegetables make every dish a delicacy. Asparagus is also an ancestral medicinal plant and super healthy. We'll give you recipe ideas on how to skillfully stage him.

1. Classically served asparagus with fresh potatoes ham, schnitzel and hollandaise sauce. Ideally, the asparagus is cooked in a pan with a little sugar, salt and butter and, depending on the thickness, cooked for 10 minutes. Here, the Schnitzel may not be missing and therefore there is a gluten-free breadcrumbs in our online shop, which makes your schnitzel especially crispy, of course, wheat-free.

Or 2. Try it as an asparagus salad. Cut into pieces and cook, for example, with fresh wild garlic pesto.

One of our favorites is 3. Asparagus bruschetta sautéed in the pan with our perfect sandwich bread and fresh green asparagus.

And in the main course, we are currently ashamed of stir-fried fresh green and white asparagus with wild garlic pesto and our wheat-free spaghetti.

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