gluten-free soul food

gluten-free soul food

Do something good for your body, so that your soul feels like living in it!

"Do something good for your body, so that your soul feels like living in it!" Theresia von Avila.
Of course, if you do not tolerate certain foods, it will affect your soul!
Because they influence each other mutually.
Everyone knows the feeling of important exams or dates, full of anticipation to wait for the holiday or the like.

In the case of food intolerance the effect is even more immediate and - if left unnoticed - even devastating.
This has 2 aspects, as I can tell from my own experience. First, the change in the people in your environment. Here you can not always count on the understanding, enthusiasm and support of everyone - even if they love you dearly. Especially my dad could not imagine that my beloved croissant just does not do me any good. As a matter of habit, he always brought fresh bread and bits with us when we had an appointment. I do not recommend taking this personally because that is rarely the case. And now my dad has arranged with it :). But just these situations that everyone knows whether in the family or by strangers in the restaurant, while shopping or anywhere else sometimes hurts more than the incompatibility itself.

Eating dyslexics in everyday life requires humor and good nerves.

Your orders are all at once linked to many very precise inquiries. "Fry something else with the fries ..." and precise ideas. Please my butter extra at the Sunday breakfast. In the restaurant, you will need your own bowl of olive oil for your own fresh, gluten-free bread. You have to ask for a special meal each time.
In particular, the loss of lightness and spontaneity in everyday life, sometimes fast from the baker's hand or in the favorite cafe watching everyone enjoy freshly baked cakes, will feel hard at the beginning to say the least. It was only here that I realized how much quality of life in food is.

The social component is enormous too. Many people discuss their eating problems and take part with caution and not just a carefree evening to enjoy the company and society is a further emotional burden, As well as the constant hoof rattle, which in the kitchen really means something gluten-free.

What does that mean for me?!

Head up life goes on and food should be fun.

You take advantage of your diagnosis, rather than simply putting something in your mouth, now you're busy with your food and the gluten-free / wheat-free foods you eat. Scouring ingredient lists is soon a trivial matter for you and so you can take the opportunity to immediately separate from food "type" and switch back to fresh and wholesome food. You will find that you become more adventurous, both in the kitchen and when eating out. Many countries cook without gluten by nature, you only have to think outside the box.

And food connects, you'll see you're not alone and we "dyslexics" stick together, you can easily talk to people, try new prescriptions or great restaurant recommendations, or even make up your mind with your vision of good and; delicious gluten-free foods independently.

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