Cook gluten-free pasta properly

Cook gluten-free pasta properly

first It stands and falls with the right gluten-free noodle. But no problem, there is also online to buy. No breaking, no sticking and with the right preparation a true pasta room.

second Choose the right pot - Pasta are like fish in the sea they want to swim. That's why choose a big pot. 100g gluten-free noodles need 1l of water.

3rd Salt properly - for every 100g of pasta and 1l of water you need 10g of salt (1x heaping teaspoon). It is important to add the salt first to the hot water so that it can dissolve immediately. Otherwise, it settles on the ground and eats tiny holes in the stainless steel.

4th Noodles have to decide in the COOKING water - essential that water must cook. The water must continue to boil and keep moving even when adding the gluten-free pasta, otherwise the noodle will not move - noodles will have to swim.

5th Stir from time to time - Depending on the type of pasta, stir so that you do not stick soil and every noodle swims.

sixth Mhytos oil in the pasta water - Oil floats above, so when pouring the oil flows so first in the drain and was thus for the cat. Tip from the professional, just leave out

seventh Do not scare! - By quenching, you feel the strength of the noodle, so that the sauce does not stick so well to the gluten-free noodle. The only exception - noodles for pasta salad so that they remain the same cool and do not stick together.

8th Prepare sauce early - the sauce should always be ready before the noodles, so that they can be churned directly in the pot! This is where the pasta best absorbs the sauce and the pasta does not stick together.

ninth Garter tasting - we like our noodles al dente that means slightly bite-proof, so try a noodle at the end of the cooking time stated on the packaging. If it is too hard, just let it continue for half a minute and try again.

10th the noodle wedding - now mix your perfectly cooked gluten-free pasta directly with your favorite sauce, so that noodle and sauce can make a joint connection. Nothing stands in the way of the ultimate in pasta enjoyment.

We wish you a lot of fun and good appetite.

We look forward to receiving a photo of your favorite pasta.

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