la Dolce Vita - gluten free

la Dolce Vita - gluten free

La Dolce Vita​​

La Dolce Vita stands for a typical Italian lifestyle and for the typical Italian way of life with a sense of enjoyment and good food. In this blog article, we show you our food highlights as you do not know so gluten-free.

But in the first place "Dolce Vita" stands for a relaxed, luxurious life, joie de vivre, idleness, relaxation and pleasure.

Dolce Vita stands for enjoyment, good food (pasta, risotto, vitello tonnato, carpaccio, ...), good wine and good music. Dolce Vita means to be well dressed, to drink espresso in the cafe on the marketplace and to watch the goings on. Dolce Vita means staying with friends on lukewarm summer nights. Dolce Vita also stands for strolling through old and well-kept cities. It stands for mediterranean flair. Dolce Vita stands for the ride on the Vespa or the 1962 Fiat 500 through the Italian countryside.

So we can summarize: "Dolce Vita" generally means that you can go well and live carefree in the day. Work does not matter and stress just disappears. But why only go on vacation. With our delicacies you sweeten your everyday life and feel "la Dolce Vita" right on your doorstep, if you get involved.

Bella Italia is called Pasta​​

Bella Italia is called pasta. And Nogllas gluten-free pasta is the best gluten-free pasta basta. With 4 bar through bronze matrices pressed with the best Italian rice flour and cornmeal, it is a high-end pasta in true manufactory quality.

Fine almond biscuits with the best of Sicilian almonds

NOglla's fine almond biscuits with the best of Sicilian almonds are more than just a gluten-free biscuit. A splendidly juicy Marcancan core makes it something very special and a luxury for true connoisseurs. Here in different varieties for Klein & amp; Large. The perfect accompaniment to espresso or in between.

A cozy evening is no longer in the way. A good bottle of wine and friends and voila la Dolce Vita here in Germany and that also gluten free, who would have thought.

"Dolce Vita" as a term for an Italian lifestyle that many Italy visitors and tourists looking for, spread through the 1960 by Federico Fellini published film "La Dolce Vita". The film shows how the higher society in Rome celebrates auspicious festivals and lives in luxury.

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