amazing tomato

gluten-free spreads

Stück (150 ml) So schmeckt Urlaub! Aus sonnengereiften Tomaten hergestellt schmeckt sie, super fruchtig und ist unheimlich vielfältig....


gluten-free pasta & noodles

Stück (500 g) Durch das Pressen durch Bronzematrizen bekommt unsere glutenfreie Rigatoni eine Oberfläche , die besonders viel Sauce...

the all-rounder

gluten-free pasta & noodles sauce

Stück (340ml) NOgllas fruchtig pikante Gemüse-Tomaten Sauce ist ein echter Allrounder und vielseitig einsetzbar und sollte deswegen in...

  • gluten-free muffins & cakes

    gluten-free bestsellers

    gluten-free muffins & cakes

    Sweet toothed cats you are spoiled for choice. We can not decide what we like best, whether it is our gluten-free & sugar-free banana bread or at least one of our juicy muffins or evlt. but Germany's family cake No. 1?
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  • gluten-free pizza

    Pizza lovers beware

    gluten-free pizza

    From the beginning of 2019, there is probably the tastiest gluten-free pizza with a diameter of 28cm also for you in our online shop. NOglla's fresh gluten-free pizza is great for freezing and makes every pizza fan happy.
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  • gluten-free almond biscuits

    almond croissant & co.

    gluten-free almond biscuits

    Many people love supermarkets for the variety of products they can buy there. Such customers adore looking at the collection of different stuff and choose from all these things.
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  • gluten-free and lactose free food

    You long for an all-round unrestricted enjoyment that is both gluten-free and lactose-free, important to you that your foods are FREE OF Artificial Flavors, FREE OF CHEMICAL COLORS, Free of preservatives, then you're in the right place! We at NOGLLA do not only stand for unbelievably delicious and innovative foods, but everything we do is 100% gluten-free and lactose-free.

    gluten-free food

    A gluten-free diet is not only suitable for people who suffer from gluten intolerance or celiac disease, but generally for everyone. Because gluten irritates the immune system, damages the gastrointestinal tract, and is suspected to favor autoimmune diseases. This is the conclusion of the latest medical studies. A gluten-free diet makes sense, and there's a reason why so many people are doing it today.

    Why today and not earlier? This question is easy to answer and has to do with industrialization and explains why gluten harms us today more than ever ...

    1. In the past, grain was almost always processed in the form of sourdough and then baked into bread. In leaven are micro-organisms such as yeast or lactic acid bacteria, which degrade gluten and other irritants in the grain and make the grain so digestible. Due to the industrialization of the bakery trade, sourdough bread is today the absolute exception. Industrial bread, bread rolls and baked goods still contain the entire amount of gluten.

    2. Gluten improves the baking properties, so the agribusiness has had an economic interest in growing the gluten content in our cereals more and more.

    This is also the reason why gluten is becoming a problem today: Although humans have been used to cereals and gluten for millennia, we consume more and more cereal products and the industrialization of the bakery industry is becoming ever more dramatic, so gluten-free nutrition is advisable.

    Buy gluten-free foods

    Gluten-free foods that convince by taste and quality can be found at NOglla simply and conveniently in our online shop and it's so easy:

    1. SELECT favorite products
    2. ORDER your gluten-free foods by Sunday evening
    3. We bake fresh for you Monday and Tuesday
    4. You get your gluten-free food delivered to the door with DHL